Why Your Pub Needs to Keep its App after Freedom Day


As Freedom Day has been celebrated, you may be thinking “my pub has survived the pandemic without an ordering app, so why would I create one now?”, and whilst ordering at the bar is an option again, here are a few reasons why also having an ordering app will benefit you.

1) It is quicker and easier for customers

Whilst people may think that businesses are the only ones benefitting from the use of apps in pubs, and that these apps are an annoyance to pub-goers across the board, this actually could not be further from the truth.

Upon quizzing 500 pub patrons in September 2020, FlipDish found that 80% of those questioned said they would like to keep app ordering as a long term feature in their pubs after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. This statistic is truly essential as Freedom Day has just been celebrated- while you may instantly want to return to ordering at the bar, many customers still won’t.

So what are the actual benefits for customers? For a start, there’s no need to wait about queuing at the bar. The drinks will still take the same amount of time to come, but they’ll be able to spend that time engaging in conversation, rather than staring at the back of a stranger’s head.

Alongside this, there are more practical benefits, such as complete transparency of pricing, the ability to see any items that may be out of stock immediately, and there being no chance of someone accidentally writing down their order wrong. The elimination of human error and wasted time queuing at the bar are so important that almost two-thirds of respondents went so far as to say that they would be more likely to visit a pub if they had an app to order through. The numbers really do speak for themselves.

2) It saves you money and you can focus on service

The benefits to customers are definitely important, and can entice more people through your doors, but your business is the one who will benefit the most from creating an ordering app.

On the most basic level, it frees up your staff from having to take orders, meaning not only can you employ less staff and save on wages, but that those staff you do employ can focus on quick, efficient service, and keep more customers happy. Not only is this mutually beneficial for all the obvious reasons, but it can also help you to prevent up to 20% of potential negative reviews, as pourapp.io suggests that 1/5 negative reviews focus on slow service. Speedier service will also allow a higher turnover rate for you, meaning more customers can get through the door in the space of a business day.

Upselling is also made infinitely easier with the help of an app. RestoLabs acknowledges that previously this has been a laborious and often fruitless task, but now that you have access to detailed ordering data from apps, a campaign to push a certain product is so much easier to pull off. You can see what products customers usually order alongside your promoted product to create combination deals, create in-app advertising, and so much more – the ball is truly in your court.

Ultimately, whilst no system is perfect, having an ordering app even after Freedom Day is going to ensure the mutual benefits for both you and the customers, keeping your pub ticking over with more satisfied customers than ever before, whilst you save on wage bills and ensure excellent service each and every time.

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