Why Your Clinic Needs A Mobile App


The healthcare sector, a significant part of the world economy is poised for an unprecedented growth due to the proliferation of smartphones. The use of a mobile app for healthcare services enhances immediate access to medical care and services.

Clinics and healthcare providers can benefit significantly from a mobile app solution for the delivery of services. The use of the patient registration feature on our mobile apps enables new patients to register quickly and securely using the in built forms within the app thereby saving time and queues at reception halls.

Appointments and consultations can be booked directly from the app and patients are able to use this feature to book appointments directly in just a few taps. Our mobile apps are also able to integrate seamlessly using Application Programming Interface (API) with any online booking system currently in use by your clinic. In addition, there is the option for audio or video chat feature where patients can communicate directly with consultants and medical practitioners to discuss symptoms.

A mobile app for your clinic is the right step to outsmart the competition. At MyDigitalBooth, the mobile apps we create for clinics are unique and will help your business leverage the power of mobile technology for your business. We provide the ideal APP for clinic and healthcare providers with key features that help leverage the power of mobile technology for seamless delivery of medical services.

At MyDigitalBooth, we have extensive experience in building and creating apps for dental practices. We can design and build your mobile app to cater to your practice and patients’ needs.

If you require a mobile app for your Clinic contact admin@mydigitalbooth.com, 0190878908, www.mydigitalbooth.com. Mobile App Development at MyDigitalBooth.