Why Do Employees Leave Businesses?

If you have ever been an employee I bet you know the answer to this!

More often than not it is the Manager. They leave because of their Manager!

And here are some really sad statistics. 82% of new managers receive NO formal management or leadership training. It’s no wonder they struggle!

Businesses promote people when they are really good at their jobs.  They give great people a completely new job, usually with no training! Makes no sense – right?

And then, when employees leave they then have to recruit, again usually with no training more times than not.  And to add insult to injury, especially if a small business, there is no HR support either.

And how much work is it for that very same Manager to replace staff?

Quite a lot if it is going to be good hire………..

Businessman drawing a recruitment process diagram

Can you see the downward cycle here or is it just me?

Managing people is a skill, having HR support is essential and the cost of getting it wrong at best could be increased turnover of staff, and at worst, well, tricky HR situations!

The attached article in the Guardian this weekend showed that 12% of staff leave due to discrimination and harassment and a further 28% leave due to a negative relationship with their manager.


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