Why An App For Your Gym Is Essential In 2021


We are as pleased as anyone else that we are able to get back to the gym, but like many others we do not think that we should throw all restrictions into the air straight away. We are also fully aware that gyms are struggling having not been open throughout the pandemic has left them struggling, and they need as many people through the door as possible.

At TheAppBooth, we strongly believe that having an app for your gym can help both you and your clients prosper now that the world is open again. Here’s how:

1) Being Able To See How Busy The Gym Is

Many of your clients will still, understandably, be a bit wary about being around large crowds when they are working out, and as such may want to cancel their membership until the world is in a bit more of a stable place. With an app, however, you can prevent this.

You can dedicate an area of your app informing your clients of how busy the gym is at the current moment, with up to the minute updates. With this information, your less comfortable members will be able to plan their visits around lower capacity times, and it will also prevent
people turning up, feeling the gym is too busy, and simply leaving instead.

Going forward this will set you apart from other gyms as well, as people will be patronising establishments that respect them and look after their health more than ever.

2) An Easier Way To Book Sessions

Ensuring your members are making the most of your available services is an essential part of maximising your profits as well as retaining their membership, and your app can streamline this process massively.

With an app you could have a full rundown of that week/fortnight/month’s classes available for all your members, never more than a few swipes away. Simply having a greater knowledge of class times will make your members more likely to partake in what you have to offer, but you can take it even further by implementing a booking system alongside this.

Before you know it, all your personal trainers and classes will be booked solid, and your members will be even more satisfied than they already were, making them more likely to renew their membership with you.

3) Easy Registration, Easy Referrals, Easy Money

In these still turbulent times holding onto your members, as well as bringing new ones in, has never been more crucial. In terms of bringing new members in, an in-app registration portal is going to reduce barriers that would perhaps prevent more hesitant members from signing up, but that’s not all.

If a referral scheme is put in place, and can be accessed through the app in a few clicks, then not only are new members more likely to bring in other new members, but older members are likely to tell their friends about you, which will bring in revenue for you, and keep them coming.

According to Glofox, 50% of new members cancel their memberships within the first 6 months, but if they are being held accountable by friends to keep going, then you can curb that drop-off significantly. On the other side of that coin, a mere 5% increase in member retention can increase revenue by between 25% and 95%. Those are some serious gains you could be making.

At MyDigitalBooth, we have extensive experience in building and creating apps for Gyms. We can design and build your mobile app to cater to your business and customers’ needs.

If you require a mobile app for your Gym contact admin@mydigitalbooth.com, 0190878908, www.mydigitalbooth.com. Mobile App Development at MyDigitalBooth