What Does A Letting Agent Do For Landlords?


Today I want to talk to you about, what does a letting agent do for landlords?

There’s many things that we do for you. The main thing is that we take the burden away from all the hassle and aggro that could possibly happen with regards to renting out your property, to make sure that it’s a smooth journey for you as much as possible and that your investment brings in money rather than costs you money. So just a couple of things that we do for you.

1. We can help find a tenant.
2. We do all the legwork in terms of advertising on all the right portals for you, arranging viewings, especially the ones that don’t turn up, we’re wasting our time not yours, you’ve got better things to do.
3. We conduct the viewings, we can negotiate the offer for you, when we’ve got the right person for you we conduct the full referencing so we make sure that they are who they say they are and that they can afford the rent.
4. We can get all the legal documents sorted like the tenancy agreement, register the deposit with one of the government-backed schemes to make sure you don’t get any fines.
5. We can make sure that you are fully compliant with regards to Gas Safety Certificates EICRs and EPCs.
6. We also conduct inspections on the properties to make sure the tenants are maintaining the property and keeping within the tenancy agreement rules and regulations that is set.
7. We deal with any maintenance issues that arise throughout the course of the tenancy, so if it is something like the light bulbs gone or the battery in the smoke alarm is replacing we’re the ones that tell the tenants that at seven o’clock, not you. You get to enjoy your evenings and weekends.
If it is more severe, as though the boiler stops working and it needs a part, we can arrange the right engineers to attend and carry out the right repairs for you and make sure we’ve always got a copy of their public liability insurance to make sure they’re covered should anything happen, worst case scenario.
8. We collect the rent, we do the chasing of the tenants so it saves you having to chase them, we make the payments to yourselves and you get a statement sent directly to you for your account purposes and more importantly when you need the end-of-year tax returns, we can print off that document for you so you’ve got it straight away for your accountant, no faff.
9. We’re the first point of call for you or the tenants, so we’re the ones that can deal with everything that comes your way accordingly.
10. And above all we’re here to provide you lettings advice throughout the course of the tenancy and anything else that may arise.

It’s always handy to have an agent as a third party in between yourself and a tenant, just in case things go wrong, you’ve got good cop versus bad cop but it’s always good to have an ear to listen to and that’s what we’re here for.

If you have any questions or queries or you’d like to know more on what a letting agent can do for you, to save you time so you can enjoy your investment properly when you’re on holiday or spending time with the family, please contact me,

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