What are Push Notifications? How can they help my business?


If your business has an app, then push notifications can play a significant role in your marketing strategy and provides an effective way to reach your customers.

What is a push notification?

A push notification is a pop-up message that can appear in your browser or your phone lock screen – they allow your business to communicate special offers, information and announcements.

The difference between a text message and a push notification is that you directly go to the message in your texts when you click to open the text message. In contrast, the push notification will take you to the app, giving you more opportunity to engage with the user.

Moreover, push notifications are free, and users can opt-in or opt-out, whereas sending a text message without permission could be listed as spam, which is illegal.

Why should you try push notifications?

Airship’s study shows that if your brand is not already sending push notifications, starting now could increase app retention by 190%.

However, sending too many push notifications could cause your users to opt out. It is best to be selective, use short sentences, and utilise media to grab your audience’s attention to increase open rates.

How can push notifications help your business?

Push notifications open a whole new form of communication. These notifications can be personalised to increase customer satisfaction and retention. They can encourage your clients to take advantage of special offers and discounts.

Push notifications also enhance the users’ experience. They can provide benefits such as the latest announcements, such as reminders, arrival times, appointments and new products.

Your marketing strategy should include push notifications because they will increase your engagement. Studies show, push notifications enable brands to increase app engagement by 88 per cent.

Your app will be at the forefront of your customers’ mind. It will remind them of the value you add to their mobile experience and stay relevant. By keeping your customers engaged and happy, you likely see an increase in revenue and retention.

A great way to find the best practice for finding what works for your customers is to test them out and then measure which notifications are most effective. Key points to analyse are time, location, text, media and audience.

There are many more functions and ways that an app can improve your business’s customer service and satisfaction. There is no doubt that apps support your business and successfully communicate with your clients.