To Yoke Or Not To Yoke

The yoke vs traditional steering wheel comparison of the upcoming Lexus RZ has been one of the top most performing pieces of content across the Lexus UK social media channels in recent weeks. This side-by-side shot of the two steering set ups achieved figures of over 16.5K engagements and a reach of 896K.

While we are keeping mentions of the yoke steering system relatively under wraps until the technology becomes readily available, it is always good to test the waters and slowly build interest among our social followings. Feedback so far suggests that while there is interest for the new system, the majority of Lexus followers remain creatures of habit in their preference for a traditional steering system. However, there were 16% of votes for the yoke and a further 18% willing to experience life behind the new-fangled wheel before making a final decision. The post also seemed to be extending conversation beyond our own social channels with a higher than usual share figure of 259, meaning commenters are discussing the technology with their own friends and followers, further increasing the reach.

Among those with reservations for the yoke system, the main concerns were aired around the safety, driving dynamics and the overall appearance. Community Managers were able to reassure the online community about the yoke and steer-by-wire system using the plethora of assets explaining the technology on the Lexus UK YouTube channel and Magazine.