Three Reasons Your Coffee Shop Desperately Needs An App


As Covid-19 restrictions lift and we move back into some semblance of normal life, one may assume that doing away with ordering apps and table service will be welcomed by all. However, we may not wish to be too hasty in this area. There are still myriad benefits from these apps that you should consider carrying forwards into the era of the new normal for your coffee shop, for the sake of not only you and your employees but also your customers.

1. A wealth of knowledge at your customer’s fingertips

Do you stock particularly interesting roasts in your coffee shop? Do you pride yourself on the variety of blends you offer, but do most people stick with the more well-known coffees?

Having an app to order through will allow you to provide all the key information about your more exotic blends to your customers, right alongside their usual orders, so they will be more likely to order these blends instead. Not only will this allow you to show off that top-secret hidden gem you’ve found – securing return customers to try it – but customers are likely to be more satisfied with their drinks in the first place as they will be more able to cater their drink to their exact tastes. Everyone is a winner!

2. Ease for customers

We know you see your fair share of customers in a rush to catch trains, make meetings, or just get to work, who need their coffee about five minutes ago in order to be on time. Not only do they stress you out with their rushing around, you sometimes feel bad for making them late, but this no longer needs to be the case.

With an app, your customers would be able to order ahead to avoid the rush, and what’s more, they love doing it. In Q4 of 2020, Starbucks reported that 24% of their US retail orders came from people ordering ahead on the app, and there’s no reason your business can’t see these kinds of numbers as well.

Alongside this, if your shop offers a rewards scheme, this can now be run through your app instead, meaning no one will end up losing their loyalty card, making them more likely to come back and fill it. You can even send special offers to customers on their birthdays or holidays using the data you will receive from the app, showing them you care and boosting their loyalty even further in the process.

3. More time making drinks, less time taking orders

Having an app through which your customers can order frees your staff up from taking orders to focus on making drinks.

Not only will this create greater focus and efficiency -multitasking can reduce productivity by up to 40% – it can even help with decision-making skills, as multitaskers are reportedly worse at prioritising the importance of information.

An app will lead to faster orders, happier customers, more rapid turnover, and more profit. On top of this, you will need less staff on shift at any one time as a large part of your business will be in the hands of the customers, meaning you’ll save on wages and widen your margins even further.

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