Three Features Your Restaurant App Needs


Did you know global consumers are now spending an average of 4.2 hours per
day using apps on their smartphones?

When you wake up in the morning, what’s the first thing you do? Stop your alarm and check
the notifications on your phone? Research shows that screentime is increasing; in 2021,
people are currently spending 4.2 hours per day on apps on their smartphone.

Investing in an app for your restaurant is a no-brainer. Between 2015 and 2020, customers
who order through online food apps has increased from 11% to 39% – that is three-fold!
An app for your restaurant can have many advantages for your business, for example,
increasing your online presence and digital marketing abilities, convenience for your
consumers, and most importantly, providing an overall better service.

What three features make a successful app for your restaurant?

1. Reservations
Many people like the security of planning and booking reservations in advance. A
reservation feature reduces the time spent in the restaurant organising, picking up the
phone, and answering emails (hoping that the staff have communicated or written
reservations down). It also provides ease to your customers. Your customers can be sure
they have a table booked and check availability, which adds to the users’ experience. You
can spend less time on planning, you’ll have more happy customers, and it is more efficient
for everyone involved.

2. Menu
You can keep your customers up to date with the latest menu, allergen information and
seasonal dishes. Your customers can check out pictures of your delicious food, which both
helpful and markets your restaurant.
Imagine this: You’re on your phone browsing easy recipe ideas, but nothing takes your fancy. You’ve got
a busy day, so there’s not much time to cook or go out and buy the ingredients. Ping. A
push notification pops up. Your local restaurant has advertised an offer or a new speciality
dish. You think, oh how nice would it be to out for dinner and wear those new shoes. You
check the app, and there’s availability for this evening. You click the menu and see so many
tasty options. You book the table and text your partner.
An effortless, simple and successful experience.

3. Loyalty 

The second your customers download your restaurant app, you are building a relationship
with them. If they order through your app, your restaurant sales will increase. A great way to
reward and incentivise this behaviour is through a loyalty scheme – this will promote your
restaurant, encourage recurring customers, and build trust. Loyalty points are a great way to
do this.

We have extensive experience creating apps for restaurants. At TheAppBooth, we always
ensure that your app will work specifically for your requirements.

At TheAppBooth, we spend a significant amount of time understanding how your business
works to ensure you have the right app for your restaurant. Our friendly team will work with
you to develop an app that uses various methods to interact with your customers, increase
sales and loyalty, and offer a better service.

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