The Top Five Reasons Your Dental Practice Needs A Mobile App


Most people wake up in the morning and immediately check their phones. Screen time is continually increasing; we spend an average of 3 hours per day on apps on our phones (not including other devices). A mobile dental app can have many advantages for your business, for example, increasing your online presence and digital marketing abilities, convenience for your patients and staff, and most importantly, providing an overall better service.

We have extensive experience creating dental apps. At MyDigitalBooth, we always ensure that your app will work specifically for your practice and requirements.

1) Appointment Booking for Your Dental Practice

Booking appointments plays a significant role in a dental practice. Your business can save valuable time by using a mobile app. Not only will appointments be easier to manage, but an online booking system is also convenient and practical. A stream of incoming phone calls can be hectic, time-consuming, and often involves miscommunication at a busy dental practice. Including an appointment booking feature in your app will make the process accessible, straightforward and effortless for both your patients and save valuable time for your staff.

We also offer in-built chat and call functions so you can provide your clients with the best possible service.

2) QR Codes to Promote Your Dental Practice

QR codes are a great addition to your marketing strategy. They are efficient and hygienic – there’s no need to share paper; your customers can simply scan the code using their device. Moreover, QR codes can promote your dental practice, send your patients directly to the app, advertise savings, show price lists and more.

3) Your Dental Practice’ Online Presence

An app is available at any time – this will allow your customers to explore detailed information quickly and easily, even if the dental practice is closed.

A dental app is a sure way of increasing your online presence and gaining more customers. Positive reviews from happy clients ensure your dental practice ranks highly and will improve your visibility on the app store. Therefore, your potential customers are more likely to see your dental practice, read the positive reviews and download your app. It’s a win-win.

4) You’ll Be a Distinctive Dental Practice

A dental app makes your practice distinctive in the local area. Not only will you stay ahead of the competition, but you are also providing a wow factor. Your customers want an easy and effective way to book appointments. By using your app, they are likely to recommend your dental practice to others.

We also offer loyalty options within the app. You can reward loyal customers for attending hygiene appointments all within the app – a perfect touch to increase client satisfaction and encourage patients to return.

5) Push Notifications for Your Dental Patients

Forget the days of ringing up customers or sending them letters to remind them of appointments. You can send direct notifications to their phones. Not only is this effective for your booking system, but it helps your patients keep on top of their busy schedule.

You can also send them aftercare reminders and instructions. In doing so, you are providing valuable information that will assist in their recovery. Push notifications are an excellent way to increase customer service and satisfaction.

Push notifications can be personalised to your requirements and even used to promote special offers or savings.

At MyDigitalBooth, we have extensive experience in building and creating apps for dental practices. We can design and build your mobile app to cater to your practice and patients’ needs. We will support you in every step, including a free promo page and QR codes to use in your marketing literature to ensure your users will download it.

If you require a mobile app for your dental practice contact, 0190878908, Post written by Andrew Wenham – Mobile App Development at MyDigitalBooth.