The Importance of Mobile Apps for the Travel Industry


We’re all using ours phones more for everything, every day. These days, there’s an app for
everything under the sun – it’s usually the most convenient and user-friendly apps that win out
over the competition.

Unsurprisingly, using your phone to plan and book your vacation plans is on the up. According
to PhocusWire, ‘61% of consumers in the U.S. booked and paid for their trips on mobile devices
in the past year’.

So, why are apps so crucial for travel bookings? And how can you provide a good service for
the majority of consumers, who prefer to book using an app? Users like a smooth, integrated

Investing in an app can provide users with the following:

Easier Checking In Processes:
Deep linking to the check in process from an email link, rather than just sending users to your
apps home page, will reduce user friction and save them time and energy on their travels –
something everyone can get on board with.

Already Saved Information About Their Journey And Accommodation
Ensuring that users don’t have to re-enter information (such as boarding pass numbers or hotel
check in details) reduces the number of steps involved and reduced user frustration in the

Updates About Travel Events Such As Delays:
Nothing is guaranteed to ruin a holiday quite like a long flight delay – but if users are kept
informed with up to date travel information, it can allow them to quickly change plans and stay
ahead of the game. In turn, this reduces the number of refunds requested and phone calls
needed – a huge bonus for your company.

Sharing Travel Information With A Travel Companion:

Making content sharing an easy process with deep linking will optimise the experience for all the
travellers involved. Users are more likely to follow through with the booking when they receive a
link to a specific listing, flight or product, rather than just the homepage of the website.

Provide Contactless Experiences:

With QR CodesContactless experiences are becoming more and more frequent in our daily lives, and this technology can help accelerate the steps needed when travelling. Tasks like checking in, ordering and paying can be done at the (contactless) touch of a button.

Having this information at their fingertips means users are more likely to see the process
through to the end. They won’t become frustrated with typing out information, dead-end links, or
unexpected changes of plans. It also frees up your staff’s time, potentially lowering the cost of
your services.

Essentially, utilising any technology that speeds up the process of organising, booking, and
travelling, will increase the traffic to your app and leave your customers calm and relaxed
enough to enjoy that holiday!

How We Can Help:

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