Six business benefits of complying with ESOS

Six business benefits of complying with ESOS

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Compliance in any form can be both confusing and time-consuming for many organisations, however, there are significant benefits to be had for complying with schemes that aim to support businesses in taking positive steps towards reducing their carbon footprint.

TEAM’s Energy Consultant and Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Lead Assessor, Tom McLeish, has put together the top six benefits organisations will gain from complying with the scheme.

What is ESOS?
ESOS is a Government-led scheme introduced to incentivise large businesses to embrace energy efficiency initiatives and cut down on the carbon emissions they produce.

  • Targeted at larger organisations, there are certain requirements businesses need to meet in order to need to comply with the scheme:
  • They must be registered or based in the UK or a UK establishment
  • Employ 250 people or more, or
  • Have an annual turnover greater than £44m, and an annual balance sheet greater than £38m

The ESOS legislation requires organisations that fall into scope to carry out audits every 4 years on their energy usage; looking at their buildings, process, and transport. These audits are accompanied by cost-effective recommendations for how they can reduce their energy usage.

Currently, we are in Phase 3 of the ESOS Scheme; with the deadline recently extended to 5 June 2024, businesses have more time to find the right assessor to audit their operations and produce their ESOS report for submission.

What benefits can businesses gain from their ESOS audits?

  1. Become a more energy efficient organisation

In recent years organisations have seen their energy bills increase significantly. An ESOS buildings survey can help you gain an insight into these costs by looking at your buildings, transport, and processes, and measuring your total energy consumption, identifying areas of high consumption, and identifying energy saving opportunities. This will give you more understanding of your energy usage, and an insight into the impact this may have on your energy bills, inspiring you to make changes that will create operational cost savings.

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