New Year Energy Diet in Five Steps


For businesses, the rising energy costs have become an inescapable truth that is forcing them to think seriously about energy consumption.

And it’s not only from a cost perspective. Pressure to reduce carbon emissions is also mounting.

So, like any new year diet, an energy reduction strategy needs to work for the long term and not just offer a fast, but short-lived drop.

To get off to the best start, consider these five steps:

Don’t let ESOS Phase 3 slip through the net

If you are in scope for the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme the qualification date was 31 December 2022. This date must be included in your 12-month audit so it’s a good time to start your data gathering now. Whilst the ultimate compliance deadline of 5 December 2023 may seem far away, ESOS is not a quick tick list exercise, it’s worth building a plan now that considers securing resource and compiling hard to access data.

Stay ahead of legislation changes

The 1 April there will see two key changes come in that will affect the price of your energy and building certificates.

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