New steps and benches at Denbigh School


New Outdoor Seating and Access to Outdoor Social Space Opened
We are pleased that work has been completed on a construction project which gives our students more outdoor social space and better access to the fields and Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs). A new hardstanding area has been built with table seating for students to socialise outdoors on. The steps up to the fields and the MUGAs have been widened to provide quicker and safer access for students. This path is a fire evacuation route for students and staff to reach their muster points so the new steps will allow the evacuation process to be speeded up as we can now have two columns of students heading up them with the safety handrail in place.

Andrea Frame, Head of School said: ‘In these challenging times in which we find ourselves, access to outside social space for students is crucial and we are delighted that our Sixth Form students are already using the new seating area in their Sixth Form bubble. I look forward to a time when all students can have access to them and mix freely without the need for year group bubbles. The improvements to the stairs will enhance our fire safety procedures and hopefully reduce the amount of mud that students bring into the building when they come in from the field’.