RX Offers 'Perfect Blend of Luxury and Practicality

We were lucky enough to try out the New Lexus RX and here are our findings:

We had already planned a trip incorporating a situation any modern family would face today, a family staycation! A 316-mile round trip from Cornwall to South Gloucestershire for a long weekend away, packing many miscellaneous items, in fact everything you would ever need on a family road trip.

Now this trip for many could bring back some bad memories of your own family adventures however, I am pleased to say the Lexus RX proved to be the best SUV for the job. It might be the best in the range, but that doesn’t mean you are giving up practicality for Luxury, the RX offers both in equal measure, delivering a wonderful experience all-round.

Internally you are provided with every want and need you could ever ask for and that includes everyone in the vehicle. Up front you are greeted by the best entertainment system on the market with the super vibrant 12.3” display that provides great satellite navigation, that is easy to follow and gives excellent instructions providing a care-free experience whilst traveling. Within the RX you are provided with the excellent central controls, some of which are in the most expensive sportscar model, the LC 500. With these dials you can control everything around you from sat nav, music, radio etc.

Lexus is the master of having everything at your fingertips and not having the driver or front passenger surrounded by clutter. Boot space is of a good size and will fit golf clubs or travel bags with plenty of room to spare. Unfortunately, there is no removable floor to give you even more space like its little brother, the Lexus UX. However, if you are in need of more space simply fold down the back seats and the more than adequate boot space becomes a massive cabin for all your travel or moving needs.

In the back you are provided with three seats with luxurious leather upholstery. We found the seats to be very comfortable and can easily accommodate a baby seat if needed. With the RX you are getting the best of both worlds, luxurious upholstery and finishing in a practical form factor, able to carry 5 people with plenty of room and enough space for all your bags and travel essentials.

To drive­ the Lexus RX is a total dream come true, it is very nimble and provides excellent power when needed and conserves it with its self-charging hybrid technology. In total our 316-mile trip cost us just £60 in fuel, which is outstanding considering the price of fuel today!

?Being an intelligent hybrid the RX will pick which drive system to choose, if you are cruising in the city most likely you are in EV mode which is totally silent and helps save your fuel, due to only the electric motors being used. Motorway driving you will find that the RX will pick and choose which system does most of the work depending on your driving style, foot to the floor and the 3.5-litre six-cylinder petrol engine kicks in and provides instant power delivery. However, if you are changing your speed the EV mode will take over helping you conserve fuel on long journeys.

Externally the RX is a stunning car to admire and looks impressive in any situation or location. Everywhere you look there is sharp contemporary line to the body styling making reflections in the day or night highlighting the RX’s true beauty. Overall, if you are looking for car that can do the school run, take you to work, fill it with shopping, fill it with people, go on road trips and much more then the RX is the perfect vehicle for you. With its amazing fuel efficiency, hybrid technology and fantastic drivability the RX is the perfect vehicle for the modern family.

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