How to Keep Employees Safe in 2021


It’s 2021, and we are still in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic. As more and more businesses reopen and some companies transition from remote to on-site workplaces, it’s natural for many people to feel concern about encountering the coronavirus at work.

Employers have a responsibility to do everything possible to secure the safety of their workplaces and wellbeing of their employees. A comprehensive workplace safety program that includes COVID-safe practices and drug testing utilising one or more of the three federally endorsed drug testing methods can help employers implement and maintain comprehensive, effective and legally defensible safety programs (Pirone, 2021).

The online Occupational Health & Safety Journal published an article written by Jackie Pirone (2021), that discusses employee safety in the workplace in 2021.

The article discusses a number of important points for employers to consider. These include:
– Understanding COVID-19 testing
– COVID-19 Vaccines
– How to Keep Staff Safe
– Drug Testing in the COVID Era

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