How To Effectively Drive App Growth From Your Mobile Website


Firstly, what is web to app? 

It refers to the use of search engine friendly mobile web banners, interstitials, and pop-ups to drive users to download and engage with a company’s mobile app.

The Problem:

How are you currently achieving this? With over half of Google searches on mobile, turning these potential users into engaged customers is essential.

  • 74% of enterprise marketers say that their mobile app is a top or key priority to drive revenue.
  • 24% say it is a low priority, but they want to invest in the future.
  • Only 1% of enterprise marketers say their mobile app is a low priority for marketing.

However, many marketers still aren’t using their mobile websites as a channel to drive app growth.No matter the size or the type of your business, if you have an online presence, you should be focusing on using your mobile website to drive mobile app engagement and revenue. Up until now, many businesses have relied upon app install ads to grow their user base. 

On average, paid app installs in the United States are $3.15. But when your mobile website might already get millions of visits each month, your focus should be on harnessing those users into high intent buyers inside a mobile app.

The Solution:

Think about how much mobile devices have changed the game. They’ve transformed the strategies of marketers and businesses more than any other invention of the 21st century.

You’re now able to reach new users in the palm of their hand, wherever they might be – scrolling through Instagram on the bus home, checking Facebook while they have a coffee break, or opening their email app before they begin the workday. This has created an entirely new source of revenue and created a revolutionary cross-property opportunity.If you need more reasons to change that priority, look no further: Mobile app users are 18x more loyal. 

They add 85% more products to their basket when using a mobile app. App users are loyal customers, which is vital for your business. Driving users from mobile web to mobile app is a revenue-generating fact, and PM’s and marketers need to get on board or risk being left behind by the competition. A strategic and effective app can help your business exponentially improve the user experience and directly increase revenue. What have you got to lose?

How We Can Help?

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offer a better service. 

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