Most of the time when people are searching for your app, the description is often limited and does not give a full overview of the app. A lot of the time, app users use reviews to try and make up for this limited description. However, reviews consist of distinct types of description and may not have the proper description.

The app icon, is the most visual feature of an app. And with most humans being visual people, your app icon is what draws the attention of people, and is what will encourage people to scan through the app or discourage people from looking at the app.

An app icon which serves as a defining feature, must stand out.

How does it stand out?

Your App Icon must be well-designed.

For your App Icon to stand out, it must be visually appealing to users. One way of making your App Icon visually appealing; is designing your App with bright colours. Colours such as bright red, bright blue, bright orange, etc., make your app icon look more attractive and makes it stand out which in turn easily draws the attention of people to it.

Pastel colours with little design may look ok and may bring in an average amount of customers, however, as a business the aim is to bring customers as much as possible and to do this your design should not be just ok or average. Therefore, a well-designed app with the use of bright colours will make the app prominent and would increase the interest of potential users.

Your App Icon should have a Captivating Title

Using bright colours to design your App Icon, brings the initial attraction and fascination of people. However, for better interaction and to increase the chances of people viewing your app, you have to take this a step further by using a captivating title to grasp the minds of potential customers. A captivating title excites the mind of people and increases their inquisitiveness, which in turn makes them want to know more about the app.

If your app icon is well designed and has a mind gripping title, you are most likely going to get a higher click-through rate. This is because, your app icon has brought in a good amount of click throughs such that, when new people go into the search engine, they are not just going to be convinced by the design but also, the high amount of click throughs. When potential users see the amount of click throughs your app has gotten, they are going to be thinking about how your app gets the most clicks and therefore must be a better match for what they are looking for. The number of clicks influences their decision and encourages them to use the app.

Search engines also think in this manner. These engines are built to match the search of a potential user to the relevant app with the highest the click-through rate. This is a big ranking factor in most search engines whether it is Google search, Amazon search, app store search, Google Play App Store search etc., so the design and title are one way of drawing most of the attention to your app.

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