How to become a carbon neutral business in four steps


The road to becoming a carbon neutral organisation is complicated and not the same for every business.

To help you understand the different stages of achieving carbon neutrality through offsetting your carbon emissions via verified projects, TEAM Energy’s Marketing Executive, Charlotte Bland, has put together a guide featuring the four steps to help you achieve this.

1. Don’t wait! Start your carbon offsetting journey sooner rather than later.

There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t delay starting your journey to becoming carbon neutral. As pressure from consumers and stakeholders continues to mount on businesses, it is more important than ever that organisations start to explore how to reduce their carbon emissions and their impact on the planet.

You may also want to begin your carbon offsetting journey now as carbon credit prices are expected to rise due to an increase in demand over the next few years, avoid paying large amounts for offsetting your carbon by taking those vital first steps.

Starting this journey sooner rather than later means that you can fulfill your customer’s requirements by improving your environmental credentials, elevate your reputation and become a leader in sustainability.

The first step in your journey to carbon neutrality, is to understand your organisation’s current carbon emissions. This can take time and resource to analyse, with organisations needing to calculate and report on their scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Through understanding these emissions, businesses can see what they can reduce as part of their net zero strategy and which emissions are unavoidable and should be offset by investing in carbon offsetting projects.

With projects that help businesses offset their emissions becoming increasingly popular, we recommend starting your journey as soon as possible.

2. How to choose the right offsetting scheme for your business

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