How An App Can Take Your Hotel Experience To The Next Level


Everywhere seems to have an app these days, from the local florist to big restaurant chains, and with good reason. A clear, well-designed app can provide a huge amount of benefits for both consumers and retailers by making communication clearer, making purchases easier, and leaving everyone more satisfied overall. One industry where this seems to have not taken off much, however, is the hotel industry, which is curious given how many benefits there are specific to hotels; allow us to illuminate some of the main ones for you.

Booking and checking in are easier for all

Having an app can make the process of booking, checking in, and checking out infinitely easier for all parties involved. Around 82% of all travel bookings are made online nowadays, and with an app, you can keep the entire experience in-house for your guests, making them feel looked after even before they are staying with you. You can also keep them updated with offers and other enticements, just to give them that extra nudge should they need it.

When asked how they would prefer to check in during their stay,62% of guests said they would prefer to check-in through an app, with 30% preferring a website, and just 8% using the check-in desk. Therefore, not only would having an app be catering to the majority of guests in regards to check in, this can free up staff who would otherwise be waiting around to help other guests and ensure the best experience for every single guest that stays with you.

You can be your own travel guide

You can put whatever you please on your hotel’s app, so why not act as a tour guide for your guests when they arrive in a new place? You can have a list of recommended restaurants, music venues, bars, etc., to point your guests towards to ensure they make the most of their stay.

You could even spark deals with local businesses for your guests to get a discount in return for placing them on your recommendation list.70% of travellers express a strong interest in trying the local cuisine, so it would only make sense to help them out with some directions, as they’re sure to appreciate it.

Speed and ease of enquiries

One of the biggest impacts an app can have on your hotel concerns guest enquiries. Previously, if a guest needed more towels, or if their room was dirty, they would either have to call down to the main desk or physically come down themselves, which can often take a while in larger hotels.

With an app, guests could ping their requests straight down to a dedicated help desk, and their issues can be resolved in a far quicker time. When asked, 22% of guests said they would post a review if they had a problem, versus only 9% who said they would in normal circumstances; the speed of resolution you would gain from an app could help to prevent some potential negative reviews.

In a survey, 49% of 25 to 34 year olds said they had ordered room service when travelling, yet47% of guests said they would be more likely to order room service if they could do so through an app. With the rise of delivery apps like UberEats and Deliveroo, keeping your business in-house has become ever harder, but with a quick and easy app, your customers are far more likely to stick with the traditional option of room service. This will generate revenue for your hotel whilst allowing you to showcase the talent of your chefs, adding to the guest’s positive experience of staying with you, and making further orders even more likely.

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