High-Cholesterol Foods to Eat and Avoid


Did you know that not all cholesterol-rich foods are bad for you? Food that is high in cholesterol is known to raise your blood cholesterol which increases the risk of heart disease. However, there have been some studies done recently that some high-cholesterol foods may not raise your heart disease risk after all. Nevertheless, that does not mean that you can just ignore the amount of cholesterol that you consume as it is still bad for your health.
Registered dietitian Julia Zumpano, states that “It’s safe to have some cholesterol in your diet, but many high-cholesterol foods also contain high amounts of saturated fat.”

Here is a list of high-cholesterol food that you should try to avoid:
– Full-fat dairy
– Red meat
– Processed meat
– Fried foods
– Baked goods and sweets

Here is a list of high-cholesterol foods that are the best to eat (in moderation):
– Eggs
– Shellfish
– Lean Meat

In conclusion, you don’t have to eliminate all the unhealthy high-cholesterol foods in your diet but please remember that moderation is key (Cleveland Clinic, 2021).

You should consider consulting your doctor before making any radical dietary changes. You should also work with a professional to create a personalised eating plan that will work best for you.
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