Have yourself an Energy Efficient Christmas in 2022


The countdown to Christmas is on.

With only a few weeks left in the year, you may be starting to wind down and although you might want to wait until the new year to kick off any new projects, there are a few areas where you can make energy savings in the run up to the festive break. With the cost of energy bills impacting many organisations, it is a good idea to deep dive into a few key areas of your energy use to help cut the cost of your bills and set the New Year off on the right foot. So, where to start?

Prepare to make the most of the festive shutdown

Whether your organisation has a full Christmas shutdown or just a few days where the premises aren’t open, it is a good opportunity to let these non-working days do some energy management work.

This is an ideal time to measure the baseload energy usage in your buildings when they are not open, or no one is there, allowing you to gain energy insights you may not normally have. Here’s how:

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