Energy management series: How to get project sign off


Now that you have done the background work to select and prioritise the energy efficiency project best suited to your business, you need to present and demonstrate its value to get support and buy in from your senior team.

So, in this blog, TEAM Energy will be giving advice about making your best case.

Building a business case to shine a light on energy efficiency

Implementing energy efficiency projects can help companies save money and manage risks by reducing their operating costs, which can also help to offset the impact of energy price increases. They can also enhance productivity and business competitiveness, make premises more comfortable for employees and customers, redirect money saved to investments, and advance green credentials and reputation.

In the board room energy efficiency projects have often found it hard to compete for funding; historically, such investments fell into a ‘discretionary’ category. Often, they are not seen as essential for sustaining or growing the business or for regulatory compliance. Tending to be smaller scale than other projects being dealt with, they may not get prioritised by your board, directors, or other senior decision makers.

A business case that stacks up financially is not always enough to convince those decision makers, so how you position your business case and the information you include can improve your chances of success.

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