Driving App Growth From Your Mobile Website: Why Should You Invest In It & How Does It Work?


Why should my business invest in an app?

There is a multitude of benefits that come with driving your web traffic to a mobile app – but, put simply, you should do it because it’s one of the most beneficial steps you can take for your business:

– 56% of traffic to the top 10,000 websites in the US came from a mobile device

– SEO tactics for mobile searches should be a key driver of engagement

– It’s a place where a brand can first capture users.

– Web browsers are not user friendly.

– Your potential customer is more likely to get frustrated and not follow through with the purchase.

– Directing customers to an app with an easy interface early on in the process will ease that frustration and increase the likelihood of them completing the checkout process.

How does it work?

Web to app tools creates a path for converting web traffic into app users. But what does that mean? Let’s break it down…

– The user arrives at a specific piece of content on a mobile website

– A banner or interstitial will appear

– When clicked, this takes the user through the process of downloading your app

– And they arrive at the same piece of content they were viewing on the mobile website.

You can choose from infinite options to take your users from mobile web to app. You can use banners, full-page takeovers, or even drive customer engagement further by offering discounts for completing purchases within the mobile app. For example:

– Jet.com increased their daily installs by 3x by using a banner that offered 15% off any purchase inside their app.

– Research from Branch shows that some businesses have seen a 7x in-app purchase lift through the web to app tools.

Examples of Web to App Assets:

– Banner: banners are typically utilised for first-time mobile web visits and organic search impressions

– Scrolling: beneficial when content still needs to be easily accessible, and the option to scroll is still available

– Interstitial: usually for repeat users or high intent visitors that are typically logged into your service portal

– Email: use in all marketing emails, driving users directly inside of a mobile app instead of to the mobile web

– Text-me-the-app: desktop users can send themselves a deep link to download the app on their mobile device

If your business wants to encourage potential clients to use or purchase your offering, driving traffic from your mobile website to your app is a great way to increase sales and reach your business goals.

How We Can Help

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