Design Tips For A Successful Mobile App


If you are thinking of designing or you already have an app, one key element that contributes to the success of your app is a customer-centered design.In this article, we will share with you the top helpful design tips that will ensure that your application is both user-friendly and outstanding.Truly, there are hundreds of amazing design tips that can help you come up with an excellent app. However, here are a few of the best practices when it comes to designing a mobile app:

  1. Place all key elements in a thumb-friendly section

Placing elements in the right places may either make your audience’s journey more difficult or inspire visitors to do certain actions. As a result, make sure that all of your important components are situated in the thumb-friendly zone -a location on the display that a user may readily access with his thumb while holding his device in the same hand.

2. Make it Responsive
Quite a lot of people make use of smartphones. Over 7.26 billion people accounting for 91% of the world’s population, use smartphones. Remember that these smartphones have different resolutions, screen sizes, and responsiveness. This is why you must consider your mobile app’s responsiveness. Mobile apps responsive on different smartphones and screen sizes will convert more leads for your business. The best way to achieve this is to have a responsive UI/UX design of your mobile app that can easily adjust screen sizes and operating systems and offer a fantastic user experience.

3. Keep the registration and checkout processes short.
Long, multi-page registration or checkout processes bore people. Particularly for those who utilize mobile apps, they just lack the patience for this.Most social media networks already have the information of your target users. It would be a smart choice to leverage them. With just one click, users can sign up for the app via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram profile Customers will value you for saving them time. Unless they prefer signing up manually.The same applies for the checkout process. Make the checkout process as seamless as glass to prevent users leaving their journey uncompleted.

4. Choose simplicity over beauty.
Study shows that the simpler an application’s interface is, the more likely it is for users to find exactly what they want on the app hassle-free. Simplicity promotes interaction.So while designing your application, keep your first-time users in mind. Eliminate complex guidelines and instructions. It is advisable to stick to the minimalist design. The minimalist design involves:

  • Using basic color palettes: Choosing a monochromatic or similar color scheme is the best way to go. Change the brightness and saturation of one color to create a monochromatic color scheme. It will provide you with a variety of hues that work well together and don’t overpower the eye. Do not combine more than three colors outside of these colors: black, white and gray. Unless the app is for kids or color dependent. Use ally plug in to check contrast and be sure that your app is accessible to color blind people.
  • Maintain one type typeface: It is not ideal to use more than one font in the application. Sometimes, typography acts as a useful technique for directing users’ attention. Instead of selecting a different font for that reason, we recommend experimenting with the typeface’s size, style, and weight.

5. Ensure all round consistency
Ensuring consistency is one of the most key principles for designing a great app. When consistency is maintained for various elements and components, users won’t have to learn new ways to navigate your application. Consistency in a mobile app involves the following:Ensure that all typefaces, buttons and interactive components like navigation or buttons elements have the same functionality on different screens. And choose a language based on how you want your users to interact with your app.

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