Creating the Perfect Influencer Marketing Campaigns


An influencer marketing hub can help you get in touch with the right influencers and promote your brand in a way that truly makes sense. As the potentials of influencer marketing campaigns have started to become clear in the past years when social media channels have taken over the internet.

However, just as your brand is unique, your influencer marketing strategy should be too – and an experienced influencer marketing agency can guide you through the steps of making the most out of your investment. But let us start from the basics: here are ten dos and don’ts of a clever influencer marketing campaign.

Evaluate Campaigns Results

One of the main tasks of professional influencer marketing companies is to evaluate the results you see out of your campaign. Indeed, depending on your brand and the influencer’s community, you might need to adjust your strategy at each stage. Even if you wish to check the results yourself, don’t forget to do so and don’t just assume that the campaign is working. Remember that some of your company’s budget is going into it!

Pick & Focus on a Long-Term Goal

If you want to promote your new product or brand through an influencer, the chances are that they will be creating a post or stories advertising your brand. However, this might raise awareness, which does not immediately translate into sales.

Instead, you might consider a long-term partnership with an influencer to build a relationship between your brand and the influencer’s community. This can help you communicate the USPs of your brand, as well as your values and goals.

Consider the Perfect Channel for Your Goals

No two social media platforms will deliver the same results. Depending on your specific goals, you might opt for influencer marketing on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or even Twitter. When thinking about Influencer marketing, Instagram is often the first platform that comes to mind.

However, depending on your specific brand goals, you might go for a different marketing platform. For example, if you are targeting 16/24-year-olds, you should focus on TikTok or Instagram rather than Facebook.

Choose The Right Influencer For Your Brand

Influencer marketing on social media can be tricky, and picking the right influencer is key. Indeed, you should not be too product-focused, but rather find an influencer whose values align with your brand and mission. This is also an essential step to start building a long-term relationship.

Always Start With A Clear & Stated Goal.

Starting a marketing campaign without a clear goal in mind will not get you to see the results you wanted. Indeed, you should decide whether you are looking for an influencer with a high reach and many followers or for one who has built a tight-knit community of a few – but valued – followers.

From this, you can start determining the kind of influencer you are looking for, as well as the best platform for your goals. For example, for an influencer marketing hub, TikTok might be considered an excellent way to increase your reach, but smaller Instagram accounts might be suitable for a more engaged community.

Avoid Discarding the Influencer’s Advice.

Influencers are expert professionals who are designing their own business and, if they got where they are today, it is also thanks to their business acumen. Don’t be afraid to ask for their advice and guidance.

Keep the Relationship Professional

Influencers are professionals and entrepreneurs who are working hard to build a community, promote value, and get their businesses off the ground. So, you should always treat them as professionals with who you are partnering to achieve your goals.

Find The Right Approach.

While you are trying to convince an influencer to promote your brand or product, it is essential to approach them in the right way. You should start by learning more about them, checking past influencer marketing examples, exploring out their accounts, and understanding their value proposition before getting in touch. This will offer you valuable insights and tips on how to craft your pitch.

Have A Budget in Mind.

Influencer marketing jobs and projects are not free. So, allocating a budget to this marketing campaign is essential to make sure you are getting the most out of your campaign for the budget that is available to you.

Do not Ignore Your Competitors.

Check your competitors’ strategy and what their results are to understand better if an influencer marketing strategy is what your brand needs at the moment. This competitor analysis should not be a way for you to copy them, but rather to learn from their mistakes and success to streamline your own strategy.

Pitching your product, and cultivating a long-term relationship can be challenging, but the right guidance from an influencer marketing hub such as MyDigitalBooth can help you identify the most suitable influencers and strategies that fit your budget, goals, and aligns with your brand values.

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