Create An App For Your Optical Practice


Are you looking to provide a more efficient and exceptional service to your customers? A customised app can transform your customers’ experience and attract more potential clients to your optical practice. Nearly everyone has a smartphone and a busy schedule; by designing and building an app that suits your requirements, your optical practice can keep ahead of the competition, provide excellent customer service and be more effective.

Book and Manage Optician Appointments

An app where your customers can easily book and manage their eye appointments is crucial for organisational reasons, ease (for both staff and clients) and efficiency. A booking system can enable your clients to book their eye appointments through the app and fit it into their busy schedule, saving them time and energy. It will also save your business valuable time, so your staff can focus on other duties and the all-important in-person customer experience.

Optical Practice Commerce

People generally prefer the comfort of the known. Your optician app can provide an online platform that potential customers can access. Then, they can view and buy glasses, accessories or contact lenses straight from the app, before or after their appointment. Not only will this help with sales, but it will also provide a great experience to your clients.

Loyalty Schemes in your Optician App

You can create and add loyalty schemes all within your optician app. Adding rewards to your customers’ experience will encourage them to return, form trust and establishes a sense of excitement and exclusivity.

Optician App Push Notifications

Using push notifications allows your customers to remember to attend their eye appointments, pick up their glasses or prescriptions and remind them when to book their annual appointment. All of these notifications are not only a great marketing tool for your business, but they also help your customers. Your clients can add their appointments into their own phone calendar and schedule, making it a simple and easy experience for all parties involved. It will also reduce the wasted time for missed appointments, and staff will no longer need to send letters or calls to confirm. Instead, they can focus on the customers in your opticians.

Contact Forms in your Optician App

A contact form will allow your customers to reach you, quickly and directly, with any queries that they may have. Again, this great for customer service as your clients can feel assured that they can get hold of you and have the ease of messaging directly from the app. It will ensure you can stay up-to-date with all incoming enquiries, and you can gain an insight into commonly asked questions

At MyDigitalBooth, we have extensive experience in building and creating apps for optical practices. We can design and build your mobile app to cater to your practice and patients’ needs. We will support you in every step, including a free promo page and QR codes to use in your marketing literature to ensure your users will download it.

If you require a mobile app for your business, contact, 0190878908, Mobile App Development at MyDigitalBooth.