Can A Tenant Refuse Entry To The Property?


Today I want to talk to you about whether a tenant can refuse entry or viewings into the property?

Well first of all what clause in your contract have you got with regards to giving your tenant sufficient notice?
In our tenancy agreements we have a clause where we can give the tenants a minimum of 24 hours notice in obtaining entry into the property, this is done via written means; so emails or a letter, via text or a call.

Now should the tenant refuse entry into the property and refuses you access so you can’t go in to do viewings, gas safety certificates, inspections, you have to make a note of this on file if the tenant has requested it.
This means you have a paper trail so should anything happen later down the line with regards to going to court, you have got a full trail to cover your backside.

Unfortunately the tenants are within their rights to deny you entry into the property, with regards to if you want to obtain entry in or not. I know it’s not ideal, but unfortunately these are the laws and we have to abide by them, but make sure you have a paper trail at all times to see when you have been able to get into the property and the tenants have refused.

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