Bad for business: How to avoid the greenwash label


Improving organisations’ sustainability credentials is becoming essential across nearly all sectors and industries says TEAM Energy’s Data Analyst, Sophie Legg. According to world leading professional services firm, KPMG, 30% of consumers look for sustainability when purchasing goods and services from a business.

Additionally, as Generation Z’s purchasing power grows, it is becoming clear that organisations must change the way they operate to meet the expectations of new generations to remain desirable in the market. According to a survey by change agency, Futerra (2019), 45% of Generation Z would trust an organisation more if they were honest about the sustainability challenges they face.

However, it is not just consumers; more and more stakeholders are also putting pressure on companies to cut their emissions. Now more than ever, organisations need to make a concerted effort to reduce their impact on the planet if they want to meet the expectations of their customers, employees and stakeholders.

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