LinkedIn was full of warnings regarding the Capital Allowances for property embedded fixtures and fittings applied to Furnished Holiday Lets.
It was planned to make this effectively a non-goer as of 1st April 25 with tax relief secured in 2023/24 being repaid.

Unlike Buy to Let which is not a sensible opportunity now, FHLs and the planned tax relief block has never received Royal Assent and indications are that it may not be implemented.

The rules include that a FHL must be available for 235 days in a year and actually let for 155 days. Any improvements or alterations can be offset against personal or Corporation tax regardless of the time of purchase.


HMRC are now under pressure from parliament to drop this altogether.

If you or your client has bought such a property then you should consider Capital Allowances for Property Embedded Fixtures and Fittings.
To investigate this tax relief for you or your Clients, we can work with you to prepare the claim.
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