Are Mobile Apps Vital for the Travel Industry?


Are you wondering if developing or investing an app for your travel company is worth the time
and money?

Well, research tells us it could be one of the best investments your company makes. It has no
end of valuable benefits:
Providing personalised experiences
Smoothing out user booking journeys
Providing real-time travel updates
Allowing users to share travel information easily.

All this provides your customers with better user experiences and makes them more likely to
see the booking process through to the end.
One of the most significant advantages of investing in your travel app is its potential to convert
existing customers. Read on to learn how to funnel both mobile and desktop users into app

Converting Mobile and Desktop Users
It’s frustrating to spend time and money on a process to see minimal returns, which often
happens to brands trying to convert their mobile web user base into app users.

How can you prevent this from happening? Use web-to-app-journeys banners. Smart banners
are personalised deep links that take users directly to the app, removing any extra steps in
between that potential app users might find frustrating. They can be used to funnel your existing
mobile web base, or for casual users browsing.

Whatever your needs are, a web-to-app journey banner will send your customers off on the right
path and provide you with much higher app engagement and higher in-app activity.
Similarly, desktop users can be converted into mobile and then app users by allowing users to
text themselves a link to the app, or scanning a QR code with an app download link.

What challenges are you likely to face?
But it can’t all be that easy – what challenges are you likely to face in trying to increase your app
based users?

One of the biggest challenges you’re likely to face is that travel app downloads are seasonal.
Users will download and keep them as-needed, such as booking a hotel, and then delete it once
the trip is over. 

There are several ways to combat this, for example, you could offer down season discounts for
app users, but the long term and most important goal is to create user experiences that make
users want to return to your app when their next holiday is approaching; in retaining active users
you will decrease user acquisition costs and increase user lifetime value.

If there’s one thing we know by now, it’s that apps aren’t going anywhere. Investing in the most
up to date technology around will mean reaching a wider customer base, providing customers
with a better user experience, and decreasing the strain on your resources – what’s not to like?

How We Can Help
At TheAppBooth, we are experts at creating and building apps to suit your business. We spend
a significant amount of time understanding how your business works to ensure you have the
right app for your needs.

Our friendly team will work with you to develop an app that uses various methods to interact
with your customers, increase sales and loyalty, and offer a better service. Let us help you build
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