An insight to behind the scenes…….

The story of Insightful Group evolved from the first-hand experience of a very successful local charity struggling to raise money. The cost of living is going up and disposable income is going down. The impact of this is that individuals have less money to donate to charity. Vic and I decided to do something meaningful to try and fix that because that is just who we are! Fixers! Plus who isn’t up for disrupting an industry sector? With our experience and expertise, what could go wrong?

We had already registered ourselves as a Pending B Corp because the B Corp movement resonated deeply with us both, business should be a force for good. The B Movement is gaining momentum in the UK, with 1,500 businesses now, and we are delighted to be part of this new type of business. If this interests you then you can read more in the link at the end but you heard it here first, this is the future of business.

Insightful Group – Changing the world one person at a time


So, having set up the business to be a force for good we looked at our combined skills and experience as HR Directors and made a long list of the type of work that we both love to do. It was quite a big list because the reality is that we both favour different elements of HR so between us make the perfect pair!

With over five decades of building great teams from the top down, inside and outside of HR, we decided to jump into the market! As we both offered HR consultancy independently we pooled our clients who already relied on us for systems, strategy and support. They now get two HR Directors for the price of one so everyone is happy!

Our next step was to come up with a plan to raise much-needed cash for charity. This took a little longer for us to solve but we have tackled more difficult transformations together but that’s for another day.

As HR Directors we know people want to work for businesses that make a difference and have a sense of purpose. We also know businesses have an obligation to fulfil their CSR* obligations. Our challenge was how to help businesses achieve meaningful CSR without additional cost. So we decided to reinvent recruitment. Bold statement right? And does it need reinventing? According to a survey by CV-Library this year, Recruiters are the eighth most hated profession! After Estate Agents but before Lawyers! Politicians hold the top spot in case you are wondering.

Anyhow, back to reinventing recruitment!

Our recruitment offering is simple. We donate between 20% and 50% of our recruitment fee to our client’s chosen charity. And no, we don’t hike up our fees to do this! In most cases, we match your current fees but for some clients, we have even managed to offer them a saving!

We want to raise a million pounds for charity. Yep!

Let me say that again. A million pounds for charity.

How are we going to do this?

We are going to fill 475 jobs. Totally doable. 13 jobs a month for 3 years. And yes, we so want to beat that timeframe!!!!! Challenge accepted ✅ Between us we have already hired more than this during our careers, just for somebody else! But we want more traction, we want to beat 3 years! Charities need our help now so like the famous line in “Field of Dreams – Build it and they will come ” we are investing heavily to make this happen!

Step One – we have hired a Recruitment Manager to help us. Sharon joined the team on October 2nd and as well as being a recruitment specialist with lots of great experience from one of the best Milton Keynes based agencies ever, she also happens to be an HR professional. We really are your outsourced HR recruitment team!

Sharon Green – Recruitment Queen

Why am I telling you this?

Step Two – This is where you come in! We need your help to spread the word. Everyone supports a charity and every charity needs more funds.

You all work somewhere, some of you are the decision makers, some of you are hiring managers, and some of you are MDs/CEOs.

Some of you know who the decision makers in your business are. We need this information so we can talk to the right people.

How can you help?

  • Let us know who to talk to in your business, we will happily pick up the phone ☎️
  • Please share our page posts ✅
  • Please react to our posts – by the way did you know that the “Like” button is less effective than every other emoji for the LinkedIn algorithm? We like the 💡”insightful” emoji best but that won’t be a surprise!

Thank you for taking the time to read our story so far and we hope you will follow our journey on the road to a million💰And if you want to know more get in touch ☕🍵Lindsey, Vic and Sharon 😊

Extra bits

If you want more information on any of us check our profiles here: information on B Corporations is here* is corporate social responsibility and is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social, and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. It is about businesses going beyond their traditional focus on profit to also consider the impact of their operations on society and the environment.CSR is not just about doing the right thing. It can also make good business sense. CSR can help businesses to:

  • Attract and retain customers and employees
  • Reduce costs and risks
  • Improve brand reputation
  • Gain a competitive advantage

Hope this was insightful 💡