5 Scary facts about climate change for Halloween


As climate change continues to worsen the statistics paint an ever-worrisome picture.

This Halloween, here are five scary facts about the effects of climate change to help you understand the impact it has on our planet.

1. More than 1 million species face extinction

A landmark global assessment by the UN warns of a major biodiversity threat in which over a million species may be pushed to extinction within the coming decades. In the last 30 years, Australia has been plagued by episodes of extreme heat and wildfires due to climate change. The heat waves are devastating natural environments and killing thousands of animals who are unable to adapt quickly enough.

The flying fox, a species of megabat, is one such affected species. During a heatwave in 2020 that saw temperatures reach 42°C , thousands of megabats in one Melbourne park alone died due to overheating.

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