Business Ready for Automation and AI

4 Steps to Determine if your ready for Automation and AI

4 Steps to Determine if your ready for Automation and AI

Business Ready for Automation and AI

Nobody should change their business to use Automation or AI – Advice!

Automation and AI must help the existing business processes work better!

1. Evaluate the Current Processes

The first step in determining Automation and AI readiness is to conduct an evaluation of your current business processes.

Asking these three questions to categorise the processes.


  • Are any of the tasks repetitive, rule-based, and prone to human error?Any such tasks are prime candidates for automation using Automation with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology.


  • Are any of the tasks focussed on extracting data or intent / meaning from documents and emails?
    Such tasks are candidates for automation using RPA and AI in combination.


  • Do some of the tasks focus on gathering and collating knowledge, or summarising knowledge?Those tasks have the potential to gain from AI.

Additionally, assess the complexity and volume of your processes to gauge the potential impact of Automation on your operations.

2. Assess Existing Technology

How is the existing technology used to support the business processes?

If the manual effort is replaced with Automation would that execute on PCs or on Servers?

Could the automated processing execute with designated Logons and meet appropriate security standards?

Discussion with the IT team will help verify any impact from the potential Automation on IT Governance, Backup processes and Contingency plans.

Consider the impact on skills to develop, support and operate the RPA and AI software on the existing IT team.

3. Review Cost-Benefit Balance

Assess the potential return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) associated with potential RPA and AI implementation.

Factors to consider are upfront costs, ongoing maintenance expenses, and projected savings from process task automation.

There is lots of advice available on the People, Process and Technology aspects that arise from such investments. This can be supplemented by information about the impact on competitive position for the business – Keeping up or Getting Ahead.

4. Determine Organizational Readiness and Change Management Approach

Implementing RPA and AI can have an impact on business culture and organisation.

Assess the level of buy-in for the technology from key stakeholders, including executives, managers, and frontline employees. Identify any potential resistance to change.

People can make the change successful, and they need to be at the centre of a Change Management plan.

What now?

Implement Automation and AI in the initial business processes and start gaining the benefits.

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