3 Japanese Concepts to Consider When Optimising Your Digital Workspace


Michael Broadley | Nov 2021

With so many of us working in the digital world, we often forget how important this digital space is.

To an architect a building design can influence the behaviour and feelings of those who enter the space. In Japan the connection between people, spaces and behaviour is long established. For example, to enter a tea house a low entrance forces the guest to bow and express humility.

So what behaviour is being encouraged within the spaces your organisation has configured?

3 Japanese concepts stand out to me as being especially important:

Wa (the concept of interpersonal connection and harmony).

Ba (a space where knowledge is shared).

Ma – (a gap, pause or negative space. Such as the space between the artwork in a gallery or the space between work meetings).

New technology allows us to supercharge information sharing but the outcome is often just more communication. Combining these concepts together we create digital spaces which give people an awareness of the work around them, opportunities to innovate and support each other, and time to focus.

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