Case Study - Hollie Habgood


A member of Next Generation Chamber has described her experience of the organisation as “a great way to meet like-minded people who want to learn and develop in their careers”.

Recruitment consultant Hollie Habgood said she would recommend Next Generation Chamber for anyone wanting to gain confidence in a business environment and talk openly with other young professionals.

Next Generation Chamber was created by Northamptonshire Chamber and Milton Keynes Chamber to help businesses support and nurture staff who are dedicated to advancing their careers.

It provides a platform for aspiring young business people in the region to help them grow and develop via a series of exclusive monthly events, alternating between networking events and training events.

Hollie, 24, said: “The personal development sessions have opened my eyes to what makes a good leader. It’s not just being amazing at your job and the best sales – it’s being mindful of other people, listening to your colleagues and trusting your gut instinct.

“I really enjoyed the three C’s of leadership talk with Anjana Rajani,” she added. “It was interactive, fun and informative with some great tips.”

English graduate Hollie left the University of Lincoln with a first-class degree in 2016. She worked as a data analyst before joining the world of recruitment at EasyWeb Group, where she looks after an exciting portfolio of clients.

“In my role I actively source and place the best candidates for my clients,” said Hollie. “Every day is different; it involves coordinating interviews, managing client expectations and talking to people from all walks of life who are looking for their next role.”

Hollie joined Next Generation Chamber to develop her business skills.

“It’s a great way to learn more about businesses local to the area, gain insight into how people think commercially and to also meet lots of interesting people and learn from their experiences too,” she said.

“I admire fellow Next Generation Chamber member Richard Abbott from Walkerpack. EasyWeb placed Richard in his current role last year, so it’s been great watching Richard flourish in his role and become a client of ours too.

“I also really admire Abbie Massaro from Trusted Mortgage. We both joined the Chamber and started our roles at the same time. Every time I see Abbie at events it’s great to catch up and hear about her successes.”

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