Successful Sales Strategy - Converting Leads

To enable Directors and Senior Managers to develop a sales and conversion strategy encompassing the entire customer journey, from first contact to loyal customers which efficiently converts inquiries into profitable sales.

Benefits to the organisation:

  • Higher sales & profit
  • Better customer service
  • Greater customer loyalty & more repeat sales
  • Time & cost savings through efficient processes
  • Higher return on investments from marketing spend
  • Improved sales capabilities with the team

Who is this course for?

For Directors and managers who can significantly influence the sales strategy and performance of the business

Topics covered:

  • The customer journey concept and the financial impact of an effective conversion strategy
  • Company mind set and culture and why everyone is part of a sales team
  • Mapping and defining the customer journey in your business
  • Identifying points of weakness and opportunity
  • Sales management fundamentals and accountabilities
  • Developing your processes and script
  • Supporting your sales team and developing performance
  • Listening to your customers and building trust
  • Following up and keeping in touch
  • Measuring performance and the potential of call monitoring
  • Efficient feedback and recognition
  • Real life case studies and financial impact
  • Completing your conversion action plan

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Implement a comprehensive sales improvement plan for increasing conversion, sales and profitability
  • Map and document their own customer journey and prioritize areas of sales and service opportunity
  • Set up continuous improvement processes
  • Introduce effective scrips at the key points along the customer journey
  • Set up call monitoring and measurement processes
  • Define the sales management role and accountability in the business

This course is delivered as a bespoke option, please call the Training Team 01604 490490 for details






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