NEW - LinkedIn for Business

Optimise your LinkedIn presence and marketing to acheive the results that you need! (1/2 day)

The purpose of this course:

This 1/2 day workshop LinkedIn for Business workshop is designed for anyone looking to use LinkedIn more effectively and to ensure that you are best placed to use the power and opportunities of LinkedIn for you and your business.

Know how to market yourself, increase your visibility and reputation and develop new business using the features of this fantastic social media platform.


This workshop is designed to show you how to grow your business by building deeper relationships with your current clients, get more referrals and connect with new potential clients. There are many features of LinkedIn that are under utilised. Learn how to search effectively, use the reminder feature, are you publishing on LinkedIn and so much more. This is an interactive workshop to learn how to use LinkedIn as a marketing and business development tool.

Who is this for?

For business owners, marketeers, social media managers, public relations and journalists. From novice to well versed social media managers, you will walk away with a few golden nuggets that will help increase your business development and marketing strategies on this platform.

Topics covered:
We will bring you the latest developments and explain how the companies that LinkedIn are acquiring can integrate with your online marketing strategies ( ie, Slideshare, Pointdrive etc.)

  • The history of LinkedIn - why would you use LinkedIn for Business?
  • How do you rank amongst your network, how to make your posts stand out from the crowd
  • Contacts facility - your day strategies including the benefits of the relationship area and how to use the reminder function
  • Using the advanced search techniques - external platforms for additional search techniques, etiquette in connecting etc
  • Perfecting your profile (cheat sheet) - using LinkedIn publisher and answering whether or not you should upgrade
  • How to use LinkedIn groups effectively, the do’s and don’ts of LinkedIn groups
  • Your linkedin 5 a day - advice on posting activity updates, external places for good content, customising LinkedIn Pulse

By the end delegates will be able to:

Create the perfect LinkedIn profile, including features that have only recently been launched. Formulate an action plan and strategy for effective marketing and lead generation using this platform.

For more information, or to book a place on this course, call us on 01604 490470 or email Chamber members can book online.






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