Google Analytics Basics

Half day workshop (9am - 1pm)

The purpose of the workshop:

Our hands on training course will help you get the most from Google Analytics. Bring along any device so you can be logged into your own company’s Google Analytics to facilitate your learning in a real environment. The course only runs with a maximum of 12 people so that our trainer can spend some time advising you on your own personal requirements, allowing you to put them into pratice on the day. We teach you the essentials for monitoring your online marketing and improving your website, along with skills and analytics tips that you will put into practise on a daily basis.

Benefits to your organisation:

Google Analytics doesn’t just provide you with website in-sights; it’s incredibly valuable to the commercial success of your business. From marketing campaign optimisation through to budget allocation, this course will give you direction on how Google Analytics can benefit you business.

Topics covered:

  • Google Analytics: An Introduction
  • Google Analytics Features, Interface
  • Put Stats into Context
  • Analysing Trends
  • Understanding Metrics
  • Audience, Acquisition, Behaviour
  • Google Analytics Goals, Funnels

By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to:

  • How to get started with Google Analytics
  • Understanding Acquistion: How people got to your site?
  • Understanding Audience: Who are these people, anyway?
  • Understanding Conversation: Did your visitors do what you wanted them to do?
  • Managing Actionable Insights and the BIG Picture!

For more information, or to book a place on this course, call us on 01604 490470 or email Chamber members can book online.






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