Microsoft PowerPoint

The purpose of the course

This course will enable you to learn the stages of how to put together a series of slides that can enhance presentations at meetings, seminars and conferences. Presenting to an audience can be very daunting at the best of times. PowerPoint is a tool that can really help you get your point across and contribute to making your presentation a success.

Benefits for your organisation

PowerPoint is one of the most popular packages on the market, helping you to deliver an effective and professional presentation. This course is designed to take you through the tools of the package. This course will truly help you to turn your presentation skills around and at the end you will be able to produce captivating and professional presentations.

Who is this course for ?

Anyone who needs to gain an introduction to creating presentation slides. The course is suitable both for those who deliver presentations and those who prepare presentations for others to deliver.

Topics covered

  • Understanding the PowerPoint screen
  • Creating and editing a basic presentation
  • Adding and editing ClipArt
  • Changing the appearance of text and backgrounds
  • Using different views
  • PowerPoint print formats
  • Using the drawing tools
  • Adding charts and other display elements
  • Animating slides
  • Setting up slide shows
  • Editing slide and title masters
  • How to impress your audience with the ‘less is more’ approach

By the end of this course you will be able to

  • Create and save a PowerPoint presentation
  • Edit and format the presentation
  • Use the PowerPoint drawing tools
  • Add charts to the presentation
  • Set up different print formats
  • Work with different views used in PowerPoint
  • Add animation effects to slides
  • Appreciate the essential elements of good design
  • Create slide shows as a means of presentation delivery

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