Introduction to Word

The Purpose of the course

Microsoft Word is the world’s most common word processing package. It is essential to be able to use it efficiently in the workplace to carry out even the most basic of activities.

Benefits for your organisation

This introductory course covers all of the essential features of this package enabling delegates to undertake routine word processing functions, a necessity in the vast majority of businesses.

Who is this course for

This course is aimed at people requiring knowledge to create, edit, format and print word documents. During the course exercises will be used to provide delegates with the opportunity to practice the topics covered.

Topics covered

  • The Word Screen - the menu’s, toolbars, views, rulers, status bar and moving through the document
  • Creating a document - changing the margins, entering text, entering dates, auto complete, auto correct, spell checker, grammar checker and using the thesaurus
  • File Management - saving new and existing documents, creating new folders, saving different file versions, file properties and adding to favourites
  • Editing - selecting and deleting text, moving and copying text, undo and redo, changing text case, inserting a word file and using find and replace
  • Formatting - using the toolbar and the dialog box, changing the font, size, style and colour. Changing paragraph alignment, paragraph spacing and indenting paragraphs
  • Printing - the whole document or current page and selection pages
  • Other facilities - auto text, quick bullets, numbering, inserting symbols and sending files by email

By the end of this course you will be able to

Produce a document from scratch, edit and format text, save and retrieve documents and print documents you have produced. From this course you will have gained the basics of using word to assist you in your every day work and provide you with the opportunity to progress on to the intermediate and advanced courses.

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