Introduction to Project

The Purpose of the Course

Achieving effective project management is a very difficult task, particularly if there are a large number of projects going on at any one time. Monitoring, these projects is crucial if effective project management is to be achieved. This can happen through Microsoft Project.

Benefits for your organisation

This course is ideal for those needing to gain a comprehensive introduction into the use of Project. Knowledge of this program will allow effective monitoring and analysis of the schedule, performance and cost of various projects in a quick and easy to understand format. Delegates will then be better able to plan and manage projects on an ongoing basis in your organisation.

Who is the course for

This course is suitable for people who are required to create and run project plans. It assumes no prior knowledge of project management.

Topics covered

  • What is Project Management? – Importance of planning, project lifecycles, outlining, top down hierarchy and consistent structure
  • Getting Started – The screen, menus and toolbars. Views, tables, system options, base calendars and updating global calendar templates
  • Setting Project Objectives – Project information dialogue box, plan outlines, inserting tasks/sub tasks, auto linking, milestone tasks, task notes and saving the project
  • Networks – Pert charts, critical path analysis, types of dependency, total slack, data constraints and Gantt charts
  • More on Tasks – finish to start, start to start and finish-finish. Lead/lag times, critical path review, splitting tasks and recurring tasks
  • Formatting the Gantt – The Gantt chart wizard and text styles
  • Printing Gantt Charts – The page setup options and the reports gallery

By the end of this course you will be able to

  • Work effectively with MS Project
  • Understand what MS Project can do
  • Get started with MS Project – understand the MS Project environment
  • Start new projects
  • Save and close projects
  • Set project objectives
  • Understand networks
  • Accurately enter task information
  • Understand critical path
  • Accurately track the progress of the project

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