Advanced Access

The purpose of the course

A business can get real benefits by understanding how to use databases. With an advanced understanding businesses can apply data cleverly across all business functions, helping the effectiveness and efficiency of an organisation.

Benefits for your organisation

This course will really benefit any employee who has to work with data. The course will teach them the basic tools and techniques of Access that can save time but will also improve the presentation of data, aiding the analysis and interpretation of data.

Who is the course for

The course is suitable for those with an existing knowledge of Microsoft Access equivalent to the topics covered in the introduction course wishing to enhance their existing skills. This course is based on building on the relationships and creating front end user friendly forms. Delegates should have a basic knowledge if the Access Introduction Course.

Topics covered

  • Table relationships – types of relationships, join types and referential integrity
  • Advanced queries – query a database, calculated queries, action queries, multi table queries and cross tab queries
  • Report/Form enhancement – advanced forms and reports, creating sub reports/forms, calculated fields, headers and footer, calculated fields/functions and adding additional controls
  • Database automation – working with macros and events, creating/running reports, assigning macros to events and auto exec macros
  • Database administration – controlling databases, compact and repair, backup/restore databases, protecting databases and setting security

By the end of this course you will be able to

Work effectively with table relationships, queries, reports, automation and database administration. Simple macros will also be explored all of which culminate in more effective analysis, interpretation and presentation of data.

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