Telephone & Reception Skills

Why Attend?

This entertaining course is aimed at those key people who are in first contact with telephone callers or visitors. The event will demonstrate the importance of creating an early and positive image of the organisation and will provide delegates with the skills and confidence to ensure that all callers enjoy their ‘visit’. Reception management and security aspects are also thoroughly explored.

Who should attend?

Headquarters or branch receptionists, their deputies and assistants will enjoy this humorous and revealing course. However due to increasingly demanding caller expectations in these days of direct access – many people have a direct line, constantly receiving calls from customers, suppliers and colleagues. This means that anyone who may be in a position to answer the telephone as a representative or ambassador of the organisation will take great benefit from the key messages contained in this entertaining and inter-active event.

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Efficiently manage a reception area in line with established policy
  • Fully realise the fundamental need for excellent and professional reception skills
  • Confidently look forward to receiving people, live or on the telephone
  • Project a perfect first image for the callers and visitors
  • Be cognisant of security and implement security and safety policy
  • Listen and probe to establish each visitor or caller’s precise requirements
  • Assertively deal with difficult situations; rude, nuisance or complaining callers
  • Efficiently manage a busy switchboard – incoming and outgoing skills
  • Ensure that all callers are responded to quickly and made to feel uniquely important!
  • Show, by example, how all members of the organisation can project a positive image to all callers, thus maintaining a favourable opinion by customers, suppliers and the public at large

Topics Covered:

  • First impressions - effect on the caller / visitor
  • Can you hear a smile?
  • Building personal confidence
  • The effect of words, tone and voice – avoiding Pollyism!
  • Understanding the need for good listening skills
  • Developing a questioning technique, prompting answers on which to base decisions
  • Taking responsibility for the call, handling messages
  • The callers perspective, ‘What would I expect from me?’
  • Personal discipline and control, handling pressure
  • Summarising callers wants and needs – action and agreement
  • Reception security management skills
  • Managing visitor / caller records


For more information, or to book a place on this course, call us on 01604 490470 or email Chamber members can book online.






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