Make every Email Count

Half day workshop

The purpose of the course:

When we meet client face to face we think about what we wear, how to greet, how to make our pitch and how to close the meeting.

But how much trouble do we take over our business emails?

Aren’t they just as important, for building our client relationships and boosting our brand?

By attending this course you will learn how to use everyday emails to build relationships and boost your brand.

Benefits to the organisation:

For a business whose employees engage with clients by email, attending this workshop will increase their awareness of the benefits of email etiquette

Who is this course for?

Anyone aiming to improve their email communication skills.

All aspects of good emailing practice will be covered:

  • The unique nature of email communication
  • Subject lines, preview lines, opening remarks, salutations,
  • Social styles - understanding the communication styles via words used
  • Calls to action, sentence lengths, choice of words, abbreviations, formatting & proof reading
  • Discussion and debrief

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Apply the email tool to every email
  • Adapt their written style to enhance communication
  • Engage positively with current and potential clients, building relationships and boosting brands

This workshop is delivered as a company bespoke session, for more information call us on 01604 490470 or email






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