Handling Discipline & Grievance (overview)

Handling Discipline & Grievance (overview)

This session is designed to give delegates an understanding of:

  • The importance of rules and procedure
  • Best practice and the law
  • How to apply a procedure (capability and conduct)
  • How to manage under performance
  • Relevant case law
  • Identifying the benefits of informal and formal intervention in workplace situations, and know when they are appropriate

This session is a look at disciplinary rules (what should they cover), company procedures, statutory procedures and the core principles of reasonable behaviour and natural justice that will apply when handling any disciplinary matter. The session covers handling issues informally (counselling/advice & guidance) and an overview of the formal process. The module includes a look at some miscellaneous issues such as the right to be accompanied, the cost of unfair dismissal and how tribunals will view a case.

There is a similar approach to handling grievances with a look at each stage of the process - informal, formal statute and best practice.

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