Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos Awareness (half day)

The purpose of this course:

The control of Asbestos regulations 2012, regulation 10 requires every employer to ensure that adequate information, instruction and training is given to their employees who are or are liable to be exposed to asbestos, or who supervise such employees.

Benefits to the organisation:

  • A greater understanding of the risks of asbestos and control measures for existing hazards
  • To avoid moving or disturbing asbestos that has not been adequately identified
  • Educating staff members to avoid potential contamination from asbestos fibres
  • The creation of better risk assessment and controls measures

Who is this course for?

Anyone who may be exposed to asbestos containing material during their working activities and those who supervise their work.

Topics covered:

  • The properties of Asbestos and it effects on health
  • The types uses and likely occurrence in building ACMs and plant
  • Procedures to deal with and emergency release of asbestos dust
  • How to avoid the risks from asbestos

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Have an increased awareness of the nature and properties of asbestos and its effects on Health
  • Types, uses, likely occurrences in buildings and plants
  • Know where to obtain information, what to do if suspicious material are found
  • Workplace precautions & risk assessment
  • Asbestos regulations and the health and safety relationship
  • Procedures for unintentional contact and appropriate emergency arrangements

Please contact the training team on 01604 490490 for details.






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