MPs and Local Authority Contacts

Not only does Milton Keynes Chamber have excellent access to Ministers, Shadow Ministers, National and European politicians through its Accreditation to the British Chambers of Commerce, we have historically strong links with all our local Members of Parliament (MPs) and Local Councils.

Trips to the Houses of Parliament - hosted by Milton Keynes based MPs, visits to No.10, local MP Business Surgeries, joint MP/Chamber organised Ministerial visits - these are just some of the ways that Milton Keynes Chamber works with local MPs to ensure that our Members are represented by their politicians.

For more information, contact the Chamber, to discuss any more ideas about how your business interests can be represented in Westminster and Brussels.

If you are unsure of who is your local MP please click here and insert your postcode.

Milton Keynes MPs:

Iain Stewart (Conservative) - Milton Keynes South

Ben Everett (Conservative) - Milton Keynes North

Milton Keynes Council

Milton Keynes Council - click here

Councillor Pete Marland (Leader of the Council)

If you want help in contacting your local representative then contact us at or ring Christopher Jones on 01908 733082.

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