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3 month trial – special offer from The Startup Pack

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3 month trial - special offer from The Startup Pack

The Startup Pack was established to provide help and advice to those starting a new business for the first time in the MK area.
We mail our Packs daily to all newly registered businesses in a territory within 72 hours of the company being registered at Companies House. No one can get to them quicker!
Being a contributor in our local directory gets your business in front of hundreds of new Businesses every month; those who are looking to outsource various areas of their business.
Our experience shows us that on average there are 250 – 300 qualifying companies registered each month in the MK post code area and your business could be reaching every one!
As an incentive for you to try us for 3-month trial period we are offering a special fixed rate of £150/month (+VAT) starting from the 1st April.
If you would like your business to feature in our Contributor Directory, please call us on 01604 435 133 or drop us a line to