Queensbury is proud to announce that we have recently become a Home Office approved Endorsing body


At Queensbury, we are committed to supporting entrepreneurs to achieve their business vision. Backed by the Department of International Trade, the Home office has approved us as an Endorsing body. This means we can further support our overseas entrepreneurs and businesses; specifically, where non-UK entrepreneurs wish to set up a UK business on either the Start-up or Innovator Visa routes.

Our role as an Endorsing body is to work with entrepreneurs to develop their business for innovation, viability, and scalability and, if appropriate, provide a letter of endorsement to them, which is a mandatory requirement of their visa application in either category.

We offer endorsement over a broad range of sectors and accept inquiries from a diverse range of applicants all year round.

Our ability to act as an Endorsing body adds a further dimension to our Incubator and Mentoring programme, where we offer a comprehensive programme of support across all aspects of business growth, strategy, planning, finance, marketing, operations, business development, and more.

Our programme provides clients with professional support, mentoring, and access to a wide range of industry knowledge needed to help them identify their goals, establish their business, and realise their objectives.

Queensbury is a multidisciplinary firm operating internationally, offering a range of solutions including legal, business strategy, project management, commercial solutions, global mobility, mentoring and business incubator, in one seamless service. We partner with clients to develop the best solution to meet their requirements and work in the UK, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the USA.

Please note, while we offer legal service in a wide range of sectors, including immigration, we do not offer advice and visa support regarding the Start-Up and Innovator Visa routes.

For a free consultation, contact us at Endorsements@thequeensburygroup.com